Research and Care

The Metro Research Center offers patients access to cutting-edge clinical trials overseen by Metro Infectious Disease Consultants, the nation’s largest group specializing in infectious diseases. By providing patients with access to the latest research protocols where they live, we are able to expand the reach of new treatments beyond the traditional academic centers. Through strategic partnerships and leveraging our 30 years of research experience, we aim to accelerate drug and testing development related to infectious diseases.

Excellence in infectious disease research and care.

At Metro Center Research, our infectious diseases team consists of highly skilled professionals specializing in treatment, research, and education. Key features of our division include:

  • Specialized care: Our infectious disease specialists collaborate with various teams throughout Metro Center Research, providing comprehensive care for general medical and surgical patients. We also have expertise in addressing the unique needs of patients such as those infected with C. difficile infection, high risk immunocompromised individuals, COVID prevention, COVID treatment, HIV and many other infectious diseases.

  • Commitment to research: At Metro Center Research, research is a fundamental pillar. Within the Division of Infectious Diseases, our specialists contribute to advancing medicine through ongoing research initiatives. Our focus areas include C. dfficile treatment, HIV treatment, vaccine development, bird flu (H5N1), influenza, and COVID-19, among others. Metro Research Center also provides clinical trials for rare disease states, including ALS, hereditary disorders, and many others.

Our Team

Our exceptional team of experts in infectious diseases, clinical pharmacy, and nursing work together to provide personalized and comprehensive care. With their dedication and cutting-edge resources, we deliver the highest standard of treatment tailored to your specific needs. Rest assured, you are in capable hands committed to your well-being and recovery.

Approved Studies

Our studies undergo meticulous review and approval by prestigious organizations like the FDA and NIH, ensuring the highest standards of scientific integrity and safety. With these approvals, we can confidently assure our patients that our studies adhere to rigorous and trustworthy standards.

MIDC Supervised

Metro Infectious Disease Consultants is currently the largest infectious disease group in the nation, with a team of over 100 highly skilled ID physicians practicing in various states. Our physicians and additional providers collaborate to provide the highest level of care on both the inpatient and outpatient. Our offices offer outpatient antibiotic therapy, and we have successfully implemented a Hospital Avoidance Program to provide comprehensive care for our patients.


Metro Research Center has published numerous articles related to research that has been done that have impacted the medical community on a local and national level. Attached are just some of those articles relating to Cdiff infection, fecal microbiota transplantation, COVID-19, vaccinations, new drug formulations, novel antimicrobial agents, and many more.

“The MIDC team was so compassionate and treated me with the highest level of care. They cured my Cdiff and now I have been able to get back to spending time with family and doing things that I should have been doing for years. I cannot thank them enough. @Nick, I hope you enjoy the sweater I knitted, you deserve it!”

“Your team, Sarah, Liz, Nick, just to name a few, you changed my life and I have been able to gain my strength back and even get out of the nursing home. You will always be the best group of doctors I have had.”

“MIDC, and Nick, were an extraordinary site to work with. The site staff went out of their way to ensure these patients who would potentially benefit from the IP and were eligible to enroll in the trial could be enrolled. The site has been seeing COVID-19 patients and was able to enroll them in the study and treat them for their COVID-19 infection simultaneously. They called me up and proposed a plan of treatment, and the patients were able to be appropriately enrolled in the study.”

“At the first IMV, we discovered that changes to their documentation were required to ensure ALCOA-C compliance. They made the changes without issue because they wanted to do it correctly, for this study and for other studies moving forward.”

“The Primary Study Coordinator, the Back-Up Coordinator, and the PI understood that it was better to do it right the first time (documentation, review of medical history, entry of complicated data) rather than waiting until I could monitor the data. They would email me the questions they had so that I could respond appropriately. Their patients often had multiple comorbidities and their thoughtful questions often required getting the Research Scientists involved as necessary. When my data review would then take place, the data was documented appropriately, and the email chains were included in source.”

“This study required extensive review of Medical History from prior physicians and hospitals. Documentation of specifics of disease course, testing results and antibiotic use over many years was required and the PI documented this himself rather than having the SC review the (not always complete) data and potentially make errors.”

“The site understood that we were a team, working to treat these patients appropriately under our protocol. When I was on-site, we would discuss the findings and if corrections were necessary, they understood the reason. If additional documentation was necessary to support a data element, the PI was able to make these updates in a comprehensive manner and using ALCOA-C documentation principles.”

“The site enrolled subjects very quickly. Their documentation did not suffer with this rapid enrollment, and data was entered and queries answered quickly.”

“The PI and the staff were always available for conversation during my visits and were always responsive to any urgent requirements I might have for them. The PI had intelligent questions from the time of the Site Initiation Visit through the end of enrollment for the study.”

“This site would be among the first sites that I would want to participate in future studies.”